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Working With The Body To Find Solutions
Chronic pain, injury, and other dysfunctions in the body acts as constant interruptions to normal physiological functions.  These things add to our daily stress level, force us to expend more energy for our daily tasks, and can leave us feeling tired, sore and drained at the end of the day.  The reason is, we are forcing our bodies to work harder than they need to do.  This takes away from our energy reserves, which could be used to go for a walk at the end of the day, or  to take that yoga class you have been meaning to go to.  So now at the end of the day, we are too tired and too sore to do all of the things that could help us to get better, so we usually don't, or we even get worse.  It is a cycle that needs to be stopped.
Manual therapy like massage, yoga, CranioSacral Therapy, neuromuscular treatments all work in part because they enhance the communication between the body and the brain.  You cannot always take it for granted that your brain knows what your knee is doing.  By applying pressure to the area, we can increase sensory feedback and actually engage the nervous system more to facilitate a release.  This tends to yield longer lasting results.
This allows us to work more deeply into the tissue, without pain, focusing more on structural balance and coordination between parts, allowing you to strengthen your body without creating excess wear and tear.  The long term benefits of this work are smoother, freer movement, increased circulation, less pain, better balance, less stress, increased resiliency, and increased body awareness.
Allowing the fluid of the body to flow more freely, increases the amount of nutrients that can be deposited into the tissues, and can speed up the removal of cellular waste, which can be irritating and damaging to the nerve fibers, causing pain.  Tissue cannot heal if it doesn't have the proper tools.  Studies have shown that massage therapy can work on a cellular level, causing an increase in mitochondria production and a decrease in the production of certain inflammatory chemicals.  This leads to an increased capacity for healing without drugs and without side effects.
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CranioSacral Therapy, Structural Integration, and Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy